General Questions

Always seek for all-leather or faux-leather (rexine) shoes, which are typically found in tennis shoes, basketball shoes and cross-trainers. This provides the optimum combination of durability, comfort, stability, balance, and protection.

If you are a batter who will not be bowling throughout the innings, spiking trainers may be a good idea to keep your feet light throughout long days of play. Most fast bowlers also choose to spike trainers to keep themselves light between spells.

You can determine the correct size by looking at your present shoe and informing us. Although most brands use the same measurement chart, you should double-check each brand’s centimetre scale before placing an order. Kindly visit the brand’s official website to verify the sizes.

Disclaimer: Since we do not offer product returns or exchanges, the athlete must tell us of his or her shoe size. This is because we will be purchasing the shoes for you and customising them to your specifications and needs, thus no refunds or exchanges will be possible.

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It would be fantastic if we could use Custom Cricket Spikes to treat your injuries. Please keep in mind that ‘one of the causes’ for discomfort is improper footwear. Shoes can’t possibly be the only factor. Having stated that, we will take all necessary steps to meet your needs, including shoe selection, spiking pattern, ankle strap placement, soft cushion, and so on.

We can arrive at a specific solution, based on trial and usage and maintain it in order to provide you with the finest results for an extended length of time.

Balance and stability are the lifeblood of your cricket spikes. The majority of cricket spikes lose their shape after only a few uses, making them unstable. Players continue to wear the shoes unknowingly, which could be one of the causes of serious injury setbacks.

Remember to replace your shoes as soon as they lose their shape, balance, or stability.

At Ahura Sports, we meticulously inspect each shoe before converting them into Custom Cricket Spikes. Our production process is based on the concepts of stability and balance, and we make sure that they are followed. Our soling material is also noted for retaining these qualities for an extended period of time.

Remember to keep your cricket spikes tight. When the circular base of the spike hits the outsole, it is the optimum fit. Between the spike and the sole, there should be no visible gap. If you try to tighten the spike any further, you risk destroying the internal components. This will cause the spikes to rotate and render them useless in the future.


  1. Always dry your shoes in shade.
  2. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean your shoes. To remove grime, use an old toothbrush.
  3. To keep your shoes smelling fresh and free of moisture, use newspaper or tea bags.
  4. Make shoe shapers (shoe trees) out of newspaper and insert them for long-term storage.
  5. To minimise rusting, clean and dry your shoes as soon as possible after wearing them in moist conditions.
  6. Keep an eye on your spikes on a frequent basis. It may be time to replace them with a new set of spikes if they get dull.



  1. Avoid putting your shoes in direct sunlight.
  2. Do not over-tighten the spikes on your cricket shoes.
  3. Do not soak them for long periods of time in water.
  4. When cleaning your shoes, avoid using harsh detergents.
  5. Never wash your cricket spikes in a washing machine.

YES! Give us an opportunity to breathe new life into your used/old shoes. However, we will need images of your shoes from different angles to examine the future life of your shoes post refurbishment.

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The undermentioned pointers will help us identify your shoes on arrival at our office.

  1. Please mention our complete address along with contact details as mentioned below for prompt delivery of your shipment.

Plot #151, Phase 1,
SAKET Colony,
ECIL Post,
India 500062.
Mobile: +91-8886500298

  1. On the shipment, please include your full name, complete address, and contact information. Please provide your active WhatsApp number on the shipment for future communication.
  2. Before sending your shoes to our address, remember to pack them in a shoebox or strong carton box. Avoid shipping shoes in polybags as there is a chance the package could arrive damaged.
  3. The majority of shipping providers deliver to our location. Tirupati Couriers, BlueDart, India Post and DTDC are our top picks. However, the shipper is responsible for delivery.
  4. Courier services provide door-to-door delivery. You might look up the nearest shipping business and contact them to schedule a pick-up from your doorstep.
  5. Please guarantee that the cargo is sent as a door-to-door delivery. We do not pick up packages from courier offices.
  6. If you are sending used cricket spikes, you may remove the metal/rubber spikes before shipping them to our address.
  1. Keep your feet dry at all times. After washing your feet, wipe them dry with a clean cloth and remember to clean the space between your toes to keep them dry.
  2. Always put on clean, new socks.
  3. At home, always wear supportive casual footwear/flip-flops. Choose flip-flops with arch support and a decent fit. Wearing flat, unsupported, and loose footwear will flatten your arch over time, resulting in a variety of issues in the future.
  4. Trim and file your toenails on a regular basis.
  5. Apply petroleum jelly to high-abrasive parts of the foot before playing.
  6. Knowing the width of your feet is critical when choosing a shoe to convert them into Custom Cricket Spikes.
  1. Even the best-kept cricket shoes will eventually succumb to the stress and strain of daily use. Treads wear down, causing you to lose traction. Midsoles compress and flatten, meaning there is less shock absorption being provided by the shoe. In either case, your risk of injury increases.
  2. The longevity of a shoe is determined by elements such as the materials used, the quality of the construction, how often (and how hard) you play, and even your body weight. Pay attention to your feet and make a decision.  
  3. Hard midsoles, broken or damaged insoles, uppers which have lost their shape, and uneven outsoles are all red flags. When you see one of these, you will need to make room for some new sports shoes.